This is our colony. Let us make it a model colony in Hyderabad. Let us improve its 

   aesthetics and environs.

    1. Keep the surroundings of your apartment clean and green.

    2. Do not throw waste and dust on the road. If there are any debris from your apartment, you    have to get them c


    3. Maintain and increase greenery in your apartments

    4. Do not park vehicles on the road

    5. Do not allow wall posters, bill boards on your compound walls and trees

     6. Keep your apartment and compound wall's external painting in good condition 

      7. Participate in the colony development activities 

      8. Attend the national festival programs like Republic day and Independence Day conducted in the colony

      9. Make use of the Walking tracks, Yoga club, Laughing Club and library and improve your health and knowledge.

    10. Treat the members of colony with dignity and respect. 

    11. Never drive the vehicle with defective lamps especially when night time.

    12. Follow the traffic rules and set an example to others.