1. Pleasant Walking Club

    Large number of Rajeevnagar colony members comprising of Men, Women and Children are regularly walking in the mornings and evenings in all the three parks. This is helping our colony members to maintain good health and keep themselves physically and mentally active. Shri N Bhujanga Rao, President of the Walkers association is encouraging everyone to walk.

2. Laughing Club

    This club is helping people regularly to laugh and enjoy themselves in the morning hours. Several people are partaking in
this activity.

3. Yoga Club
    A good number of colony members are regularly attending the Yoga classes in the morning hours. This enables our

    members to maintain good strength  physically and mentally. Shri Musal  Naidu is leading this club as Yoga Master.






1. Get the house hold waste separated as dry and wet as per the GHMC circular.
2. It is better to have CC Cameras in the apartment to monitor the security

3. Please make water harvesting pit in your apartment to develop water levels.
4. Kindly ensure that no wall poster is fixed on your compound walls.
5. Pl. maintain the surroundings of your apartment neat and tidy without  

    throwing any waste or debris around. If there are any pl. get them cleared.
6. Pl.do not allow permanent parking of outsider’s vehicles around your 

    compound walls. They create congestion, accumulate dust and block the

7. Maintain sensitivity and respect towards other flat owners and do not cause

    disturbance and noise.
8. Encourage cashless payments of Govt of India efforts. Accept Cheques and

    digital payments for maintenance services; Open Bank account to watch man

    and make salary payment into bank.
9. Paint your apartment and compound walls regularly, so that our colony looks

   elegant and the valuation goes up.
10. Regularly see our website and know the colony development activities.

11.You can inform your problems and bring to the notice of the association for   

     taking up and resolving
12. develop greenery in your apartments.
13. Pl. conduct apartment flat owners meet at regular intervals.
14. Pl.do not allow vendors and new persons without permission and without 

     watch man accompanying them.